Grad School: Fall Quarter done, 3.82 GPA!

Hi Friends! A mighty THANK YOU to everyone who's asked me about school this fall, sent encouraging words, listened to me kvetch, etc etc. I am happy to share that, thanks to a great program and some wonderful teachers, I finished my first quarter with a 3.82 GPA! Now, I've always loved learning, but as an undergrad I was - outside of my major classes in music, theatre & dance - not the best student... So it's great to get the chance to redeem myself now. And I truly credit my professors - Donna Wickham, Ken Walker, Lynn Baker, Marc Sabatella, Elwood Colahan, Dr. Catherine Sailer, & Caitlyn Brozna-Smith - for getting me this far. (A special shout-out to Marc S, who is my jazz theory teacher, and an extraordinary educator.) I'm really proud to be at DU's Lamont School, which has proven to be a very challenging & inspiring place. I can't wait for Winter & Spring Quarters and what I'll absorb the rest of this year. 

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