Happy 2019, & new musical adventures

Greetings, friends! Happy New Year and all good wishes for 12 months of growth and discovery. I wrapped up the year with a fantastic trip to the UK, where I hit up every open mic I could find (London, Cork, Dublin, and Edinburgh), met some wonderful musicians along the way, visited Stonehenge and the Lake District, and spent five glorious days in southern England on the Jurassic Coast with an incredible group of people at the annual JONI Fest. This is a community of diehard Joni Mitchell fans, some professional and some amateur musicians, who meet once a year for a five-day house concert to share her music, their original music, food and friendship. I performed, too - DRY CLEANER FROM DES MOINES and COYOTE - and was welcomed so warmly. I've found a new musical community!

In the new year, I've felt a call to return to choral singing, and have joined two local ensembles: the Spirituals Project (led by Dr Roger Holland) and the Evans Choir (led by Dr Catherine Sailer). Both choirs have several exciting concerts for the winter and spring - TSP honors Dr King in THE DREAM & THE DREAMER (Jan 30 & Feb 27 @ the Newman Center) - while members of the EC appear with Colorado Ballet in a new production of CARMINA BURANA (Apr 5-7 and 11-14 @ the Ellie Caulkins Opera House).

And to top all that, in June I will travel to Salzburg and Vienna to sing with Dr Sailer and the Evans Choir for a gala production of Mozart's REQUIEM! WOW. To perform in the cities of Mozart's birth and where he lived and composed and had his brilliant career...it's a dream come true! 

CARMINA and the REQUIEM are my all-time favorite choral works, and I am beside myself with joy to be performing BOTH of them in the same season! My heart is SO full. On top of which, my son (who sings tenor) is also coming on the REQUIEM tour. Added bonus, to be sharing this adventure with him :)

My goal is to return to the EU and the UK and perform in jazz clubs in 2019. I'll keep you posted!

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